DIY Tassel Wood Bead Garland

Photo By: Madxson + Co.

We love easy DIY projects that we can add to our home decor and this tassel wood bead garland is one of them. It seriously took us less than 10 minutes and you only need a few supplies.

Supplies Needed

  • Wood Beads
  • Jute Rope or Macrame Cord
  • Scissors
  • Hot Glue + Glue Gun (optional to secure rope/cord)
  • Wood Charm Pendant (optional to add to garland)

There are many different sizes, shapes and colors to choose from, but if you’re going for the basic natural wood look … Below are a couple of links.

Amazon – Round Wood Beads

Amazon – Hexagon Wood Beads

Hobby Lobby – Mixed Wood Beads

Amazon – Jute Rope

Amazon – Macrame Cord

Note: Depending on the type of bead you purchase, you should double check the jute rope / macrame cord size to make sure it will go through the hole of the bead.

Helpful Tutorial Videos and Links

We used the following resources to help us create this fun and easy craft project. We hope you find the following to be helpful, as it was for us.

Source: Factory Direct Craft Blog
Photo By: Madxson + Co.

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