7 DIY Macrame Projects for Your Home

Photo By: Madxson + Co.

Have you fallen in love with all the macrame projects on Pinterest? We sure have. It has been a new and fun project for us during this quarantine. So, what is macrame? Macrame is a form of textile made by knotting threads or cords in a geometrical pattern. It is also known as “the art of tying knots in patterns.”

We have researched easy DIY macrame projects you can start on and add to your home decor.

01 | Macrame Coasters

Photo By: Madxson + Co.

These boho-inspired DIY macrame coasters give the perfect boho vibe to your home decor. It is also the perfect gift for friends or family. Each coaster took about 10 – 15 minutes. It is quite simple and easy. For step-by-step instructions, we are sharing the following link we used to help us create these beautiful coasters.

02 | Macrame Plant Hangers

Source: Macrame for Beginners

Macrame plant hangers have been pretty popular. We came across Marloes website – Macrame for Beginners. She shares several easy DIY macrame plant hanger ideas for your home. Which one fits your style? Check out the link below.

03 | Geometric Macrame Wall Hanging Decor

Photo By: Madxson + Co.

There are so many different macrame wall hanging designs to choose from. One that caught our eye was the geometric design. We used three different color cords, two gold rings (6″ and 10″, but you’re more than welcome to choose your own size), and added macrame wooden beads. We found this tutorial on Pinterest to help get you started.

04 | Mini Macrame Wall Hanging Decor

Source: Bumi Art
Source: Made in May

05 | Macrame Ornament

Source: Lots of Knots Canada – Chantel Conlon

06 | Macrame Feather

Source: Shmuck Blog
Source: Cotton + Tree

We love how these macrame feathers give character to a simple glass jar. We are sharing some DIY macrame feather tutorials for you, so you can dress up some home decor pieces at home.

Decor Hint

DIY Macrame Bead Feather Leaf

The Flaneur Co

Jo & Judy

07 | Macrame Candle Cover

Where to Buy Materials

If you are not looking to order materials in bulk, we suggest looking into DIY Macrame kits. Etsy has a great collection and you can also find at your local hobby store.

Helpful Books and Websites

Below are a couple of websites that will help you begin your macrame project and provide some inspo.

Macrame for Beginners

Modern Macrame

The Spruce Crafts

The Design Twins

DIY Craftsy

The Wonder Forest

Decor Hint

We hope this post helps and inspires you to begin your macrame project. It is a great and fun craft you can add to your home decor or gift to friends and family.

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