The Ultimate Guide to Dried Pampas Grass

Photo By: Madxson + Co.

Pampas grass is taking over Pinterest and Instagram. It actually has been for awhile now, but we can say it is still in full bloom and definitely a trending home decor piece. We love its natural, soft and light neutral features. Also, they are low maintenance … no water needed since they are dried. You can use them in your home or for your next event. If you have not tried purchasing dried pampas grass yet, but very interested in doing so … we created this ultimate guide to help you get the perfect pampas.

Photo By: Madxson + Co.

A Little History.

Pampas grass (Cortaderia Selloana) is a perennial plant originally from South America. It belongs to the grass family Poaceae and one species of the family is Selloana, which refers to Pampas grass. Selloana is roughly divided into 25 varieties. They are in season between September – February. For more fun facts and history on Pampas, visit the link below.

Home Decor Inspo.

There are so many ways to be creative when arranging your pampas together. You can keep it simple and fill a vase with natural pampas grass or combine dried palm leaves, dried flowers and bunny tails. You may also look into faux pampas. If you are in need for some pampas decor inspo, we shared a couple of photos and links below.

Where to Shop + Find.

You may contact your local florist to see what they have available. We found shopping online was best and recommend checking out the following websites and also checking out Etsy:

If you feel like going out to nature and finding your own pampas, you may find them along the coast and in habitats including coastal scrub, Monterey pine, grasslands, wetlands, and along waterways. Below is a link to help give you step-by-step instructions on how to dry your own pampas grass for decorating.

Care Tips + Maintenance.

The only downside to pampas grass is that it sheds, but don’t let that stop you. Here are some tips on how to maintain your pampas and keep them in perfect condition.

SHAKE … your pampas grass gently outside to remove accumulated dust and allowing excess plume shedding to occur.

SPRAY … your pampas grass lightly with hairspray. This will keep the fluff secured and help avoid shedding. You may want to do this every 6-12 months.

DO NOT ADD WATER. Whether you bought from your local florist, an online shop or went out to cut them yourself, it is important to keep them dry. There is no need to water them since they are meant to be dried the moment you cut or receive them.

Photo By: Madxson + Co.

We hope this helps give you a little more info on dried pampas grass and inspires you to include in your home decor.

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