Recycle & Reuse

Once you are done burning your candle, you can save and reuse the jar. Give it a new life by using one of the following methods to remove left over wax.


This is the easiest and most simple way to remove left over wax. Cold causes wax to harden and shrink, which will make it easier to remove.

  • Place jar in freezer overnight.
  • Use a butter knife or spoon to break wax apart. It should pop out easily.
  • If wick did not come off with wax, then use a spoon or butter knife to remove.
  • Scrape off extra wax and wash jar with hot soapy water.


There’s two different ways to use the boiling water method. Only thing is one takes longer than the other.

  1. Place candle jar on a flat surface protected with a towel. Remove as much wax as you can with a butter knife or spoon. Pour boiling water into the jar, leaving room at the top. The boiling water will melt the wax and it will float to the top. Let the water cool and remove wax. Strain water (do not pour wax down the drain). Scrape off any remaining wax and wash jar with hot soapy water.
  2. You may also place candle jar in a bowl and pour boiling water into the bowl around the candle. Once wax softens, use a spoon to remove wax and used wick. This method will also help remove label.


To remove label — Fill a sink, bucket, large bowl or pot with hot water and dish soap. Submerge jar(s) and let it sit for 10 minutes. Carefully remove label.

Another way to remove label is to fill up the jar with hot water. Let it sit for 5-10 minutes and carefully remove label.

You may use rubbing alcohol, olive oil or white vinegar to remove any extra sticky residue.


There are so many ways and ideas on how you can reuse candle jars. Below are a few of our favorite ideas.

  • Planter pot
  • Flower vase
  • Organize your desk – Pen/Pencil holder, paper clip jar, etc.
  • Refill and make your own candle
  • Spice jar
  • Snack jar
  • Organize your vanity – Make up brush holder

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